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Transitional Housing Programs

Sees-The-Day operates transitional housing programs, also known as Recovery Houses, for men and women in the south-central Pennsylvania region. Partial Residential programs, providing a more structured environment as well as therapeutic services, are also available.

Transitional housing differs from the halfway house, in that no professional counseling is provided onsite...

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Helpful Transitional Living Recovery House Articles

Sober Recovery: A Transition To a Better Person

Posted by David Dunkle

Jan 5, 2015 2:02:00 PM

Transition houses are places where a person can change for the good as they find their way through sober recovery. This is the reason why those who were addicted to certain vices should choose to put themselves in this kind of institution.

In order for a person to recover completely from his or her former addiction, the help of those who are managing these houses should always be available. It is important to keep in mind that they are in need of attention and information about how to fully recover from their former way of life.

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Finding Your True Self over the Holidays.

Posted by Jason Ohrum

Dec 26, 2014 1:42:40 PM

The Holiday season is once again upon us. For the newly recovering person, the season can be a difficult time, filled with stress, unreasonable expectations, distorted emotions, loneliness and festive situations. Any one of these ingredients could lead to relapse but taken together can be a recipe for disaster.  Rather than getting caught up in the insanity of the holidays, and putting yourself on a slippery slope, why don’t you give you and your family the gift of laying the foundation and committing to “finding your true self” this Holiday Season. It could be the greatest and most rewarding gift you give: to yourself and to your loved ones-the gift that keeps on giving for years to come.

Now you might be scratching your head and asking, “ my true self …who the hell is that”? I hated my old self: the self consumed by drugs and alcohol; the narcissistic self steeped in self-loathing and egomania; the self that made endless broken promises and loss of many promising job.  So what leads me to believe “my true self” is anything different than my old self, you might be asking- and how do I go about finding this enigmatic self?

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