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Transitional Housing Programs

Sees-The-Day operates transitional housing programs, also known as Recovery Houses, for men and women in the south-central Pennsylvania region. Partial Residential programs, providing a more structured environment as well as therapeutic services, are also available.

Transitional housing differs from the halfway house, in that no professional counseling is provided onsite...

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Helpful Transitional Living Recovery House Articles

Expectations of a Sober Living Environment at Sees-the-Day Recovery House

Posted by David Dunkle

Jan 27, 2016 5:30:00 AM

Spiritual and emotional growth are conducive to recovery. Safety, structure, and stability are three key words that all recovering addicts need in their atmosphere in order to fully recover from all substances. What are your expectations of a sober living environment at Sees-the-Day Recovery House?

Sees-the-Day is not your traditional halfway house because we do not offer counseling on site. This is why it’s best to consider us a transitional housing program. Yet, you must still obtain counseling in an outpatient program. The best ones in York County PA are affiliated with the state drug and alcohol programs.

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Heal From Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome at a PA Recovery House

Posted by David Dunkle

Jan 25, 2016 5:30:00 AM


I cannot speak for everyone, but many of you will not be able to function at a sober recovery house while you are still experiencing withdrawal. However, post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) is a little different. Some days you will feel great and other days you might wonder if you are still sick from opiates. This is what characterizes PAWS.

Others may feel that coming to a sober living environment is the only way you will be motivated to quit using drugs. PAWS may still be an issue, but you can work through it with the proper tools.

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging. We are going to give you a list of tools to help you heal from post-acute withdrawal syndrome at a Pa recovery house. Post-acute withdrawal syndrome is not something to take lightly.

You may have to go to rehab first to get through the initial withdrawal; as this is what many people decide to do before going to some type of halfway house.

However, even after leaving rehab, you may still experience post-acute withdrawal syndrome for quite some time, maybe even a year or more. It depends on how healthy you were when you quit using drugs.

Here is a list of tools that you must choose to use, no matter how silly any of them sound. You will find them to be extremely helpful.

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A Recovery House in York PA That Offers Structure and Stability

Posted by David Dunkle

Jan 23, 2016 5:30:00 AM

Recovering addicts are not used to a structured sober living environment. That’s why it’s important for many of you to have this lifestyle ‘forced’ upon you. Otherwise, you may never get clean. Sees-the-Day is a recovery house in York PA that offers structure and stability.

You are probably used to living whatever way you want, doing what you want, when you want. Either your parents didn’t care what you did with your life, or you were old enough to do what you wanted, with no one to be accountable to. At a recovery house, there is always someone else to be accountable to.

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Shake Off the Guilt from Your Past and Start Over in a Recovery House

Posted by David Dunkle

Jan 15, 2016 12:40:59 PM


Guilt can be dangerous if you wallow in it. If you merely sit there, not taking advantage of what life has to offer you, it will be easy to fall back into your old habits. Shake off the guilt from your past and start over in a recovery house instead.

Guilt is a very heavy weight to carry. It may have been useful when you first got clean. But if you want to stay sober, you have to let it go. Dwelling on the past won’t change what happened to you.

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Freedom From Addiction is Obtained Through Deep Self-Acceptance

Posted by David Dunkle

Jan 8, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Feeling judged by the people around you can make you feel small. Humility is a great virtue, but many people mistake low self-esteem for humility. Humility is thinking about yourself less, while low self-esteem is thinking less about yourself. Freedom in recovery from addiction is obtained through deep self-acceptance.  

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Suggestions of a PA Recovery House: Freedom Comes First

Posted by David Dunkle

Jan 7, 2016 1:42:37 PM

Many people might tell you that you must stop using and then freedom will follow. If you feel that you are not able to attend meetings yet because you are still getting high and cannot find the strength to stop using, then you have the wrong frame of mind. One of the suggestions of a PA recovery house: freedom comes first.   

Even the 3rd tradition of Narcotics Anonymous says that you must have the desire to stop using; not that you have completely quit yet. How will you find the strength to stop using if you don’t first obtain some freedom of mind and heart? Even God Himself grants us freedom first!

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Relapse is Not a Part of Recovery at Sees the Day Recovery House in PA

Posted by David Dunkle

Sep 10, 2015 1:20:56 PM

We aren’t denying that addiction to substances might be a disease of the brain. Yet, we want to inspire you to become something greater than you ever thought possible. Our beliefs are in alignment with the 12 steps, and we require you to go to 90 meetings in 90 days. Yet, we will continue to tell you that relapse is not part of recovery at Sees the Day recovery house in PA.

This will give you the inner strength and ability to grasp onto your will power which will increase your self-control. This self-control is a powerful spiritual tool that will help you overcome any potential genetic predispositions to substance abuse as well as any disease of the brain you may be experiencing.

The body and brain is undoubtedly affected by a variety of toxic substances – not just drugs and alcohol. You might feel weak at first, especially while you are detoxing. Whether you feel withdrawal pains and suffering, or not, your body needs time to recover.

You need to give yourself that time to clear your mind and purify your soul of your previous life experiences with substance addiction. You are probably wondering how you can accomplish this. We are going to give you a few ideas.

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Why Do I Need a Recovery House?

Posted by Jason Ohrum

Feb 22, 2015 3:59:00 PM

A Safe Place

Getting sober requires a different environment than what you are used to. If you go back to where you were before instead of coming to a recovery house, there’s a much higher chance you will relapse. Sure, everyone may say that relapse is a part of recovery. But it doesn’t have to be.

Sees-the-Day is a recovery house for people who are serious about getting clean and sober. Sees-the-Day has specific rules as well as a structured environment that will assure you and your loved ones of your safety.

You must attend 90 NA/AA meetings in 90 days.  If you are not 100% serious about getting and staying clean, this recovery house may not be the place for you. We have these rules so that you can learn to live a responsible life and transition back into society. We also want to make it safe for everyone else living in the recovery house with you.

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How Can Recovery House Residents Feel 100 Percent Every Day?

Posted by Robyn Quinn-Hakeem

Jan 30, 2015 11:11:00 AM

Balance is vital for those in recovery. Don't expect too much from yourself all at once. That's why the motto of Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous is "One Day at a Time!"

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Rules Set Inside a Halfway House

Posted by David Dunkle

Dec 15, 2014 1:23:00 PM

The main objective of putting those who have abused substances like alcohol or drugs in a halfway house is to help them reform and recover from their drug of choice. Strong discipline is important in order to break free from these habits.

Aside from banning any addicting substances inside the house, there are other rules that are imposed to promote order inside the facility. These are simple rules that each resident should follow and help create harmony for those who live in the facility.

  • Residents are not allowed to have any relationship with others who are also staying in the facility
  • Residents should participate in activities like menu planning, shopping for the needed ingredients, cooking the dishes, and cleaning the utensils that are used.
  • Each resident should keep their sleeping area clean and tidy
  • There should be no one sleeping on the couch or chairs
  • Lending money to other residents is forbidden
  • No pornographic materials are allowed 
  • Pets are also not allowed inside
  • No weapons are allowed
  • Each resident should be considerate to other residents of the house
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the premises - violation of this rule will result to immediate dismissal
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