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Sees-The-Day operates transitional housing programs, also known as Recovery Houses, for men and women in the south-central Pennsylvania region. Partial Residential programs, providing a more structured environment as well as therapeutic services, are also available.

Transitional housing differs from the halfway house, in that no professional counseling is provided onsite...

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Tips to Help You Fight Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Posted by Jason Ohrum

Feb 22, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious disease that requires proper management to ensure that affected persons can lead normal lives. Recovering addicts face a long and trying journey after deciding to seek help. To have any chance of success in this journey, it is vital that you have some useful tips to guide you. Below we have compiled a list of some useful tips to help recovering addicts get an upper hand in fighting their addiction.


Prioritize and Commit to Recovery


To have any chance of success in fighting drug and alcohol addiction, you will have to be committed to becoming sober. Take every step necessary in gaining control and managing your addiction. This means seeking the necessary help from qualified professionals. They will be able to provide sound advice, and recommend effective treatment methods as well. 


Get New Friends


In most cases, drug addicts have a few friends who enable their habit. To rid yourself of a drug habit, it is important that you also distance yourself from any friends you see as enablers. Surround yourself with friends who do not remind you of the old days of drug or alcohol abuse. This will go a long way in helping you stay the course.


Communication is vital


As a recovering drug or alcohol addict, you may end up feeling alone and isolated from time to time; this might lead to elevated levels of stress that can get you back to your old ways. It is important to share what you are going through with those close to you.




Exercise has been found to do wonders for recovering drug addicts. Taking an hour to stretch out and exercise a bit will promote your body’s fitness levels and help keep your mind strong and focused through this journey.

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