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Sees-The-Day operates transitional housing programs, also known as Recovery Houses, for men and women in the south-central Pennsylvania region. Partial Residential programs, providing a more structured environment as well as therapeutic services, are also available.

Transitional housing differs from the halfway house, in that no professional counseling is provided onsite...

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How Daily Affirmations Can Improve Your Recovery Success

Posted by Jason Ohrum

Apr 11, 2017 1:28:15 PM

Words-Of-Inspiration-For-Daily-Affirmations5.jpgRecovering from an addiction is a challenge even under the best of circumstances. Between your physical need for a drug, your psychological reliance on it, and the addictive tendencies that got you using drugs in the first place, it can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Fortunately, there are things you can do in order to greatly improve your chances of success. One of those things is to engage in daily affirmations.

What is a Daily Affirmation?

A daily affirmation is simply an exercise that you engage in every day. You take some time and begin telling yourself positive things about the item you are dealing with. In the case of a battle against drug addiction, an affirmation would include telling yourself things such as:

  • I really do want to be free from drug addiction.
  • My life will be so much better without drugs.
  • I am strong enough to beat this addiction.
  • I am getting better already, and today will be better than yesterday.
  • My family and friends are rooting for me to beat addiction.
  • I can live a happier, fuller life without drugs.
  • My finances will be in much better shape without a drug addiction.
  • My career is going to take off now that I am off of drugs.
  • I feel better now than I have ever felt before.
  • I don’t need drugs to have a good life.

And so on. Really, there is no limit to what you can use as an affirmative statement. The important part is to choose something that you want to believe, and then spend some time telling yourself it is true. The more you do this, the more effective it will become.

How Does a Daily Affirmation Work?

Keep in mind that a huge amount of our experience in life—whether it’s an experience with drugs, work, or other people—is based on our perception and beliefs. By engaging in a daily affirmation, you will be working to change your perception and belief about drugs.

You might think that it sounds like it won’t work, but the evidence is very clear: engaging in regular positive affirmation exercises has a significant impact on your mental, emotional, and even physical sense of well-being.

As you begin performing daily affirmations, you might at first feel like it’s a waste of time. You might feel tempted to quit after only a few minutes, or a few days. It is imperative that you resist this temptation! Part of the thing that makes daily affirmations so effective is the fact that they are repeated over and over. As time goes by, you will begin to believe what you are telling yourself, and you will begin to reap the benefits of this powerful and effective practice.

Today is the Best Day to Begin

When it comes to daily affirmations, the sooner you begin, the better off you’ll be. So start today. Pick out a few key things that you want to believe, and begin engaging in positive affirmation. You will be a better person for it.

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