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Sees-The-Day operates transitional housing programs, also known as Recovery Houses, for men and women in the south-central Pennsylvania region. Partial Residential programs, providing a more structured environment as well as therapeutic services, are also available.

Transitional housing differs from the halfway house, in that no professional counseling is provided onsite...

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Dealing with Guilt as a Recovering Addict

Posted by Jason Ohrum

Mar 2, 2016 1:00:00 PM

When trying to satisfy the needs of an addiction, drug or alcohol addicts will do anything. This means hurting anyone in the process without regard to how they feel or what they lose. The main goal at all times is to get the fix you crave. When recovering from addiction, you will find that you will be overwhelmed by feelings of guilt especially when you remember the things you have done, and the people you have hurt in the process. This leads to a strong desire to relieve this guilt with the use of mind and emotion numbing drugs.


How can you ensure that this guilt does not jeopardize your efforts in remaining sober?


Face your Guilt


Guilt goes hand in hand with shame. These two work to keep you in a prison where you are continuously struggling with yourself and drug use. However, you can show your own maturity by facing up to your guilt and admitting that you have committed some wrongs, just like everyone else in the world. This will help free you from your shame and subsequently combat the guilt keeping you from moving forward with your recovery.


Do something to correct it


The first thing you should try to do when looking to free yourself from guilt is to try and right your wrongs from the past. Do something helpful for those you have hurt before. If you cannot be able to do this on a personal level, you can do positive things for the society at large.




Seeking forgiveness from people you have hurt in the past is a great way to deal with your guilt. It is also worth noting that you should also focus on forgiving yourself as well.


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